Aims and Objectives

The University of Gezira was established in the city of Wad Medani, the capital of the Gezira state in accordance with a Republican Decree issued on the 19th of November 1975. The location of the University influences its goals and philosophy. The Gezira state was chosen for its agricultural, economic, educational and social importance. It embraces the Gezira Agricultural Scheme with 840 000 hectares of irrigated land. Likewise, the Gezira state harbors various advanced industries; cars, tractors, sugar, hides, textiles and other transformational industries. For the reasons mentioned above the University of Gezira has emphasized community orientation and rural development for the purpose of creating an impetus to agricultural and industrial development.
The educational philosophy of the University of Gezira is based on the integrative approach to science. This integrative approach was adopted to achieve the objectives of the university, which is based on the study of the environment of Sudan, particularly the rural environment, without negligence of the urban environment, to identify issues and conduct research on them. This approach calls for the principle of "unity of science", i.e., science, art and knowledge are varied important subjects but closely linked with each other and overlapping to the point that makes them coherent and integrated. As the rural community looks to its issues in a complementary manner, the University of Gezira has adopted this approach to achieve sustainable economic and social development in the community as a whole and especially rural areas. As the University of Gezira has aimed to study the environment in its broad sense, it is natural that the university tends to adopt integration of knowledge in order to improve the link between education and environment and integrate the perception of the overall developmental programs. Therefore, the university is charged with a threefold mission: Cognitive, Environmental, and social mission.

The main objectives of the University are

1\Training and qualifying of professional personnel in the various fields of knowledge through the establishment of graduate and postgraduate programs and the implementation of the interdisciplinary approach in teaching, training and research.
2\Throughout its history, the University of Gezira has adhered to the community-oriented philosophy. Teaching and research activities in different faculties, institutes and centers are mainly tailored to solve problems of rural areas and rural community using an integrated comprehensive approach. Conduction of applied scientific research benefiting from advanced technological achievements.
3\Introduction of modern technological methods and techniques for the promotion of agriculture and industry.

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