Cancellation of Registration

The University Senate is entitled after the recommendation of the concerned academic institutions in the University, to cancel the registration of the student under any one of the following conditions:

  • If the student failed to attain the lower limit (2.50) of the required Cumulative Grade Point Average at the end of the study period.
  • Failure of the student for the second time in any one of the courses.
  • Failure in the graduation project.
  • Absence of the student from the study for a period of six months or more.
  • Absence of the student from the examinations without acceptable reasons.
  • Lapse of the maximum duration of study.
  • Failure of the student to pay the specified tuition fees.
  • The student's wish to cancel registration.
  • Misconduct of the student.
  • The student whose registration has been cancelled can appeal in writing to the chairperson of the University Senate, stating the grounds of the appeal.

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