Evaluation of the Students' Performance

  • The Student performance is, normally, evaluated on the basis of the relative assessment of all students or the minimum pass level in a single course
  • The students' performance in each course is continuously evaluated.
  • The evaluation in the courses is performed according to the grades and points indicated in provision (3.9) of these regulations.
  • The student's Grade Point Average (GPA) and the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) are calculated for each student in each semesters this apply to all postgraduate diploma programs.
  • The student is allowed to clear the failure grade in any course only once.
  • The examination regulations for graduate studies are applied to all postgraduate diploma programs.
  • The postgraduate diploma requirements normally include, a graduation project, with a specified study load, in the fields of study according to the nature of the program.
  • The Postgraduate Diploma Degree in awarded after success in all courses; attaining a cumulative Grade Point Average of not less than (2.5) and success in the graduation project.

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