Each doctorate student is placed under two supervisors, at least: A main supervisor and a co-supervisor, provided that at least one of them must be an academic staff member in the University of Gezira.

Duties of the supervisors

The duties of the main supervisor are to ensure that:

  • The approved research plan, is carried out property.
  • The standard steps are followed in the research.
  • The results and their discussions are presented properly.
  • The student has made the corrections required by the examination committee.

The duties of the co-supervisor are to ensure that:

  • Field research plan is carried out property.
  • The statistical procedures and data analyses are correct.
  • The documentation of references in the text of the dissertation or thesis and in the bibliography.
  • The presentation and typesetting of the dissertation or thesis follows the University of Gezira format.

The joint duties of the supervisors include the following:

  • To make the appropriate modifications on the approved research plan during its implementation and to submit periodic reports on the progress of performance according to the regulations.
  • To ensure the proper documentation of the theoretical part of the research.
  • To ensure the correctness of writing, presentation of the research abstract and recommendations.
  • To proofread the dissertation or thesis.
  • To make final review of the dissertation or thesis.
  • To give testimony that the dissertation or thesis is ready to be presented before the examination committee.

The supervisors are nominated by the Department / Center Board, and recommended by the Graduate Studies Committee in the Faculty / Institute and the Graduate Studies Committee of the University. The nomination is approved by the University Senate.

The supervisors must have at least any of the following academic qualifications:
A doctorate degree and an associate professorship- A master degree and a professorship
The supervisors must submit periodic reports (every six months) to the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research on the progress of study of the student they are supervising through the concerned channels in the University.

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