About UOFG

The University of Gezira was established in the city of Wad Medani, the capital of the Gezira state in accordance with a Republican Decree issued on the 19th of November 1975.More .

  • Location
    University City - Wadmedani - Gezira State - Sudan
  • E-mail it@uofg.edu.sd
  • Phone(00249)5118 43174
  • Phone(00249)5118 40466
  • Fax+249 183487591

Admission requirements

  • The candidate must: Have a general Bachelor Degree from the University of Gezira or from any recognized University.
  • Abide by the conditions of full or part time study, according to the concerned postgraduate diploma programs.
  • Be committed to meeting all financial obligations.
  • Each Faculty / Institute is entitled to set specific conditions for admission, follow the general conditions for admission here by stated in these regulations.