University of Gezira Initiative for Motherhood and Childhood Safety 2005

The vice chancellor of university of Gezira Dr: Ismail Hassan Hissen announces during the conference of obstetricians and Gynecologists in Sudan which held in 19/2/2004 about the initiative of university of Gezira . motherhood and childhood safety at Gezira state and explains the aim of the initiative in reducing mothers and Child deaths with percent not less than 50% during the five year (2005 – 2010).


University of Gezira Initiative for Early Detection and Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss in Children - Prof. Osman M el Mustafa

Hearing loss is an important factor in the week performance among school children where as the earlier detection of hearing problems is essential in the process of development speech and language. One of the objectives of the initiative is the earlier detection of loss hearing in the period of birth and the program of pre examination and make sure that the hearing loss and rehabilitation problems included in the curriculum of primary health care, nursing, and school of medicine assistants.


University of Gezira Initative for Prevention of Avoidable Causes of Blindness May - 2007

The aim of the initiative to elimination of blindness which can be avoided in Gezira state through the implementation of control units by the year 2020 among the Participants ministry of federal health, teaching staff at university ,university students and organization for prevention of blindness.


University of Gezira Initiative for Combat Cancer (2008)

One of the objective of this initiative early detection and breast cancer treatment –University of Gezira ,Ministry of health ,community and they have many activities such as health education training ,diagnosis, and treatment.


University of Gezira Initiative for National Dialog and Community

The initiative was started in December 2014 and it’s aimed to avoid the country sliding toward the abyss disassembly or join the system failed states or threatened with failing – we hope that our initiatives is the step that takes home even occupies it’s place between advanced and great nations in economic, welfare, health, science, and strength .the national dialog necessarily going to solve most or all national and political problems.

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