The agreement of research and scientific cooperation

Includes united nations with their different institutions and international institutions such as (ford institutions , scientific institute and centers in each of France- Uganda – Kenya- Syria – Nigeria – Turkey – Malaysia and Indonesia

The number of universities of research cooperation with university of Gezira more than 30 universities.

A positive returns higher activated agreements


The program of Sudanese French cooperation during the period 1986 and until now

Participated in providing training opportunities for more than 25 teaching staff members to obtain the degree of Ph.D equipment , protected house and training courses .


Regional form to the universities eastern, central and southern Africa for building capacity in the field of agriculture (RUFORUM) .

- Providing training opportunities internal and external to obtain the degree of Ph.D. and master for a number of 40 post graduate studies students.

- Training courses to raise capacity.


German during the period 2005 – 2015 (DAAD)

- Participated in providing training courses to the degree of Ph.D. for a number of (30) teaching staff members in the faculties and university institutes.

- Participated in establishment Bio-technology laboratory at the faculty of health and environmental sciences.


The agreement which faculty of medicine has a signed with university of Marten loather – Hala at Germany

Doing joint visits between the two universities which participated in organizing trainings seminars at the university of Gezira and the university of Addis Ababa . It also provided medicine devises and equipment.


Signed agreements with a number of Chinese university

Participated in providing training courses For a number of teaching staff outside the frame work of scholarship provided from Chinese government to the University higher education and scientific research.


Agreement with the hospital of Sant Mairs hospital in Canada and Norj at united Kingdome

Participated in providing medical devices and computers, training physician , technicians and assistance .


Agreement with George Washington university at USA during the period from 2010 – 2018

To develop medical education in the countries of Sub-Sahran Africa partnership ten faculty of medicine in Africa with financing from Microsoft . the agreement participated in spread the experiment of faculty of medicine in the field of community service . The faculty of medicine at university of Gezira was classified as one of outstanding faculties that related with the community and provide our services to community .


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