About UOFG

The University of Gezira was established in the city of Wad Medani, the capital of the Gezira state in accordance with a Republican Decree issued on the 19th of November 1975.More .

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    University City - Wadmedani - Gezira State - Sudan
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Academic Advising

University f Gezira has contested is it's self an excellence academic methodology and made the academic advising one of the important means to implement syllabus and affirming that student's benefited from it. The University included academic supervision as basic part from their regulation and laws and also one of the conditions to promote teaching staff. And made him the biggest weight in the academic burden for teaching staff.

The Importance relationship between academic adviser and student:

The success of academic advising depend on close relationship between student and his. Academic adviser in order to:

  • Preparing conditions that help student in academic achievement and overcome the obstacles that facing his academic achievement and fording the suitable solution to what ' might face problems.
  • knowledge the skills of student's and cooperation with the council of guidance and direction and the deanship of student's affairs for sophistic action with student behavior ' development his character and advancement with his abilities , skills and energies in order to achieve rays his scientific stander and forming the best citizen baling to interactive with the community.
  • And the student must:

    Before starting registration:

    • To revise his performance in the previous semester and checked from the degrees which obtained it.
    • To chick from his academic station if he has first or second and if there are any syllabus not studied or syllabus failed it and it must removal in the previous semester.
    • To discuss with the academic adviser the previous scientific achievement and his academic station and after that work plan to the next semester and make sure that he has record of syllabus which failed in it and the syllabus not completed.

    During semester :

    • To brief the academic adviser about any propel facing him in any one of the syllabus.
    • To discuss with the academic adviser the social , health and economic problems that effect his academic performance.